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Breastlight believes that every woman should have access to whatever tools may benefit them in the search for breast abnormalities. Breastlight has been designed to enhance the Breast self-check/home based self-examination. By feeling the breasts with your hands you can become more aware of the shape, texture and size of your breasts which will ultimately increase your breast awareness but what you cannot do is get an internal view of any issues before they become visible to natural sight or touch.

By using Breastlight you gain an internal view of the breast and can easily see any abnormalities in the form of a black mass/cluster. Now in many cases these clusters will be harmless or easily treatable but the fact that Breastlight has revealed them to you has now presented you with an opportunity to seek a GP’s advice without delay.

Contact to place your order. The price provided is promotional. Real price is GBP 179.

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